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Welcome to my spot on the WWW.
This is where I share my reloading and shooting experience with
the calibers I have the pleasure of owning firearms for. This is the
reason you see only certain calibers here. If you own different ones
than me, don't go yet. You may find that what is here is still of
benefit to you if you have similar calibers.

New and upcoming pages (when I have time) will be as follows:
M1 Carbine
38 Super and 1911
1858 Remington

At times the pages may have some bugs as I update; please bear with me.

If you have a Palm V, I have created some reloading utilities.
I am using them on a Palm V with OS3.3. Use at your own risk.
You will need HotPaw Basic to run them. Trial copy works fine.
Palm Powley - Calculate powder charges based on components
You can use my cartridge database to start your Palm Powley
database. Just put it in as a memo.
922r - Automated checklist for assault weapon legal conformity
TargetDB - Record targets virtually by date
vLabelDB - Virtual labels for each bullet in boxes of reloads
My Bench

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